Un’goro Brews: Cavern Rogue

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The Rogue quest is one of the most seemingly difficult to pull off but the reward is extremely interesting. Unlike the other quests that are extremely linear, the Rogue quest is quite unique. We barely need any Un’goro cards to get the quest completed with most tools to support the quest being already available to us!

However, while playing the deck you need to be wary of which cards you want to play 4 copies of. Even if you do not manage to pull it off successfully you also have the Razorpetals to rely on as the deck can generate at least 6 Razorpetals even without bouncing your minions.

Razorpetal Volley and Razorpetal Lasher: Both of these cards can easily get your quest completed if you draw them in time and you will not need to rely on the bounce effects as much.

Vilespine Slayer: It might be the best Rogue card in the set with it being able to destroy anything at all even if it cannot be targeted by spells. It is definitely a good hard removal option for the class that otherwise struggles to deal with big minions.

The Caverns Below: Since this card is a spell, it has synergy with Preparation and you can theoretically get your quest done as early as turn 4 if you have an extremely quest favored opening hand. With plenty of high value charge minions that you can bounce back to your hand and replay for a ton of damage, The Caverns Below is definitely one of the most interesting quest cards and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

We hope you enjoy the deck and if you have any suggestions, do let us know in the comments below. With only a day remaining for Un’goro to release – it’s finally time to try out all of the craziness the expansion has to offer.

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