Un’goro Brews: Elemental Shaman

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Shaman has always been about the Elementals and with the new Elemental tag being added to already existing cards to all sets, synergies are stronger than ever before with Un’goro cards putting together some really solid cards that reward a lot of the classes for playing Elementals in their decks. We put together our own take of what an Elemental Shaman deck would look like, we hope you enjoy the deck and try it out once the expansion launches.

Fire Fly: With early game Shaman cards moving out, it’s time to make way for new cards like Fire Fly that add Elemental synergy and act as cheap activators for cards that require you to play Elementals in previous turns.

Fire Plume Harbinger: It is a high value card if you run a lot of Elementals in your deck that can offer a decent discount to your cards and reward you for playing a bunch of elementals in your deck.

Hot Spring Guardian: A very good anti-aggro tool that allows you to stabilize your health pool and block incoming damage at the same. It has the potential to become a staple in Shaman decks if aggressive decks continue to rule.

Tol’vir Stoneshaper: A solid taunt minion with great elemental synergies. It can shut down aggressive decks quite handily and eat up resources from your opponent’s side. Considering silence effects are not even used anymore in Hearthstone, this card can prove to be a powerhouse in Shaman decks.

Servant of Kalimos: A great discover minion that can churn out powerful elementals for you. Servant of Kalimos is an Elemental himself, which means if you follow up with another conditional effect Elemental from this card and play it in the following turn, it is bound to get its full value off.

Blazecaller: It is one of the strongest Elementals on paper and the sheer amount of value you get from the card if you play an Elemental the turn prior to playing Blazecaller is incredible.

Stone Sentinel: Another solid lategame minion that spreads across 3 different bodies and can potentially be very effective at keeping your bigger minions free from being traded off on the board by setting up the double taunts. It is essentially a card that packs in a free Feral Spirit if you pull off its effect.

Kalimos, Primal Lord: A solid all round legendary and the fact that you can choose which of the 4 effects you want makes it a must include in any Elemental Shaman deck.

Overall, Elemental Shaman might be one of the best decks to come out of Un’goro and we are definitely hyped for the deck. Despite some of the best cards moving out of rotation, Shaman still seems to be in contention for being at the top of the hierarchy in Hearthstone.

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