Un’Goro Brews: Marsh Queen Hunter

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Hunter has been in a weak spot in the recent past but with the new expansion knocking at our doors, it’s time to get hyped because the class is receiving some really great cards that are very likely to shake up the meta for the class. Here’s our take on a Hunter deck that is built around The Marsh Queen quest and has some explosive lategame to boot.

Jeweled Macaw: A Battlecry version of the extremely potent Webspinner, this card can shake things up for the class even if the quest doesn’t because of the value it offers to the class. For a class that has no proper card draw, this is as close as it gets and considering you are going to run a lot of 1 drops, you will need fuel to play the long game as well – making Jeweled Macaw a great pick in the deck and any Hunter deck whatsoever.

Small Raptor: Small Raptor is a great tool to get the quest done and it also adds more 1 drops to play in your deck, allowing the completion of your quest more likely. The only concerning part of the card is that Hunter does not have enough to ensure the quest is completed in time.

Tol’vir Warden: Hunter has always been at an awkward spot in the 5 mana slot and it’s good to see good 5 drops being added to the class to help out. Tol’vir Warden has synergy with the Hunter Quest as well and it draws you 2 1 drops from the deck. Even if your quest is completed, it helps you get to the Raptors that Queen Carnassa shuffles into your deck to cycle into more cards.

Fire Fly: While it doesn’t have any Hunter synergies attached, it allows you to complete your quest very quickly because of it allowing you to draw into another 1 drop to your hand. We definitely will be trying out Fire Fly in our Marsh Queen Hunter deck to finish off our quest as early as possible.

The Marsh Queen: The Quest card that is the cornerstone of the deck and allows you to gain 1 mana 3/2s that have “Battlecry: Draw a Card” when you play them. Ideally you will be able to finish your quest early enough and keep drawing Raptors into more Raptors and thin out your deck to reach your lategame or you could simply setup explosive turns with Tundra Rhino for a lot of burst damage.

The Hunter quest seems very interesting and it would be great if new Un’goro cards put Hunter back into the meta. What do you think of our take on the Hunter quest deck, do leave your feedback below!

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