Un’Goro decklists from streamers and players. Continuously updated!

Via Hearthstone: http://ift.tt/2nlKpzc

(Update2: Looks like we got another Legend Rank 1 deck! This time from Macchamp on the Asia server, piloting Elemental Jade Shaman!)

(Update: Sorry, had to step out for a few hours. Adding all those decklists now and thanks to those who posted links to those that I missed!)

Hey all,

I am not a great deck builder but I want to jump into the Un’Goro expansion with a somewhat coherent deck instead of just a pile of cards. So I’ll be following Twitter and Twitch of some of the top players/streamers and share their decklists here, for those who are interested or share the same challenge as me.

If you have a deck that’s working out quite well or I missed a streamer’s decklist that you think it should be shared, leave a comment with the list (or where to find it) and I will add it to the op!

Hope you guys find it useful!

Note: For future reference, you can always find the latest decklists from top players and streamers here.

(The lists are sorted by class, then latest)










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