Building Aggro Druid

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These cards make up the core of Aggro Druid. They have great internal synergies and help the gameplan of flooding the board with minions.

Savage Roar

is one of the best finishers in the game and has the potential to close out a game by turn four or five.

Cards to Consider

Two Mana:

Golakka Crawler: Very high upside of being able to destroy a pirate and gain extra stats. Effective against Pirate Warrior (obviously) and other decks that commonly run the Patches package (Rogue, Aggro Druid, Shaman). He’s subpar when played as a vanilla 2/3 for sure but does have the beast synergy with

Mark of Y’Shaarj


Ravasaur Runt: Decent upside if Battlecry triggers if the Adapt choices are good. Extremely difficult to meet the condition on curve when going first. Very subpar as a vanilla 2/2 when condition is not met, but again, he’s still a beast.

Crazed Alchemist

: A nod to the rising popularity of Freeze Mage. Useful against any decks that run


. Alchemist has almost no synergy using it on your minions but gets a lot of value against popular defensive cards like Stonehill



Bloodhoof Brave

, Alley


, Tar Creeper, Hot Spring Guardian and the list goes on. The main problem with the card is that you are never happy jamming it on curve.

Tortollan Forager: I’ve seen some builds running this guy but I think this card has no place in the deck. It has very weak stats and does nothing for board tempo. It does not align with the deck’s gameplan.

Three Mana:

Eggnapper: Its Deathrattle adds much needed resiliency against clears. Spawning 2 raptors aids in the deck’s gameplan. The raptors also have beast synergy with Mark of


. The downside of that card is that most decks have an easy way of dealing with its shell.

Pantry Spider: Good synergy with the deck’s flood and buff gameplan. Can be extremely weak if forced to play on curve into a disadvantageous board state. Does have beast synergy with

Mark of Y’Shaarj


Vicious Fledgling: Very strong when you are ahead on board and your opponent can’t easily interact with it. It sometimes forces awkward removal. The downside is that its effect is slow and doesn’t see full value until the end of your next turn. Has beast synergy with

Mark of Y’Shaarj


Four Mana:

Defender of Argus

: Always a consideration in any zoo-style deck. Very strong if it connects for full value.

Shellshifter: Aggressive stats in Stealth mode gives really strong lethal setups with

Savage Roar

Taunt mode can be great against other aggro decks.

Don’t Play These Four Mana Cards!

Violet Teacher

: The deck wants to dump its hand on turns 1-3. Saving


s and buff cards to get Teacher value is too slow.


: It is extremely rare that a four damage reach through Taunt or

Ice Barrier

wins the game. Other cards fit the deck’s gameplan better.

Cult Master

: Weak tempo card. Our deck wants to go face, not trade and get draw value.

Five Mana:

Bittertide Hydra: An overstatted big minion with a downside that is almost never relevant. The hydra doesn’t synergize with the flood and buff gameplan but he’s a huge threat that is amazing to


out. There is also a beast synergy with

Mark of Y’Shaarj


Living Mana: Extremely effective comeback card. Living Mana can still follow with up Mark of the Lotus or


Savage Roar

if your opponent ignores the 2/2s. Downside is that it doesn’t help you close out tight games or games where you are slightly ahead.

Leeroy Jenkins

: Should be considered in every aggro deck.


is a good finisher but games rarely go to turn eight where you can get

Savage Roar

value with it. It has hidden value in builds that include the murloc package since it forces spawns onto your opponent’s board that your Finja can kill.

Should I Run the Murloc Package?

Finja’s effect is insane when it connects. In combination with


, you can even get it out as early as turn one or two. The upside of Finja is that it has the potential to solo win games. The downside of running murlocs is that there will be times where you draw three murlocs before you draw Finja. The murlocs are really weak standalone cards that you aren’t happy playing on curve.

Finja is great against decks allow you to effortlessly interact with their minions. It is, however, extremely poor against decks that can choose to not play minions and wait until they have an answer or can answer a big board. I’ve had comparable winrates playing lists with and without the murloc package so it’s up to you to decide whether to include it based on your meta.

Examples of Completed Decklists

I used this Murloc build in my open-cup winning lineup earlier this month which banned Warrior. This was before Freeze Mage became popular and people started realizing that zoo was bad. Currently, Freeze Mage is popular and Zoo is almost unplayable so I wouldn’t use it in the current meta.

This build is more appropriate in the current meta but things can change in a week or two. Teching in

Crazed Alchemist

over Golakka Crawler is a good idea if you are running into a ton of Freeze Mage.

My personal philosophy is that there are no perfect decklists. Strength of individual cards and tech choices can change based on meta and ease of effect activation. I hope this guide has armed you with the judgement to adjust the deck based on your own interpretations of the meta and personal preference.

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