Tips for Getting Legend Rank for the First Time

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Hi all, TacoRocco here. This is the first article that I have written for the site, so let me know what you guys think of some of this advice! Today I am going to give you all a few tips for getting Legend rank if you are struggling to make it all the way and get that highly coveted card back.

Hitting Legend Rank Will Take Time

First of all, I want to start off by saying that hitting Legend rank is not as ‘difficult’ as you may think. What makes it ‘difficult’ is that it is time-consuming. Going from rank 25 to rank 5 is generally pretty quick, this is mainly because you are facing lower skill or casual players. The other reason why it is so quick is because you get bonus stars for win streaks, allowing you to blast through some ranks if you get lucky. However, once you hit rank 5, you will no longer receive bonus stars for win streaks and you will generally be paired with players that know how to play the game well. When I hit Legend rank for the first time, it took me about 40-50 games to go from rank 15 to 5, then about 200-300 games to go from rank 5 to Legend.

If you want to reach Legend rank, I suggest you plan ahead of time and start playing as much as you can from the start of the season. If you play from the start of the season, remember that everyone’s ranks have been reset, so a lot of high skilled players will be at Rank 15 and higher during the start of the season. Towards the middle and end of the season are when Ranks 15 to 5 begin to get easier. Don’t let this discourage you from playing during the beginning of the season, you want to try to try to get as many wins early as possible so that you don’t have to rush towards the end of the season.

Keep Track of Your Win Rate

It is very important to keep track of your deck’s win rate and what its best/worst match ups are. I suggest using Hearthstone Deck Tracker, it is an amazing app that tracks your wins/loses automatically and also gives you some other neat tools while you are in game such as an overlay that shows what cards you have left in your deck. If you are not able to use Hearthstone Deck Tracker, I still recommend that you track your win rate manually by recording wins/loses in apps like Excel or Word or on good ol’ pen and paper. However you choose to track your win rate, make sure that you keep up on it.

Tracking your win rate is important so that you know if a deck is working well. If your deck’s win rate is higher than 50%, than keep playing it. Even if it is 55%, that still means you are winning more times than you are losing and you will eventually reach Legend rank. As I mentioned previously, it will take time, so just relax and keep going!

Use a Meta Deck if it is Your First Time

If you have never reached Legend rank before, I highly suggest that you use a top meta deck. This site provides a list of “Top Meta Decks” with guides that should give you some good advice on how to play the decks if you are unsure. I suggest you play a deck that is listed in the “Best Decks” category, if not then the “Great Decks” category. The list of decks should be on the front page of the site at the top in case you missed it.

Check out our List of the Best Standard Un’Goro Decks for Hearthstone Ladder

You might want to use your own deck so that you can say “I’m no net decker, I only use original decks that I made! Look how good I am that I reached Legend rank with a deck I made!” Trust me though, it doesn’t work out most of the time. There will definitely be some people that will make Legend rank with a deck they created, but it might take much longer to do because the deck is mostly experimental. Top meta decks are decks that have been played many times by many different people and have been proven to work well. Top meta decks also generally have guides on them and you will be able to ask others for advice on how to play them. When you use a deck you made yourself, you only have yourself to consult for advice. And not everyone is a good deck builder either, some people are better pilots with decks than they are at building one. NASCAR drivers don’t build their own cars, there’s nothing wrong with you for not building your own deck.

Play a Deck You Enjoy Playing

I still suggest that you play a meta deck, but if there is a particular meta deck in the “Great Decks” category that you enjoy playing more than a deck in the “Best Decks” category, I suggest you play the former. If you enjoy a deck, you will most likely be better at playing it because you will be more willing to learn all the different strategies and tricks with it. Knowing a deck well can boost your win rate by at least 5% and will make time seem to go by much faster. In the end, the most important thing about playing the game is that you enjoy it. Why would you want to play a game if you aren’t having fun doing it?

Do Not Switch Decks Unless Absolutely Necessary

There are a few reasons you should switch your deck, but generally you do not want to do this. You want to continue playing one deck for a few reasons:

  • The more you play the deck, the better you will get at playing it. Like I mentioned before, knowing how to play the deck well can boost your win rate by at least 5%!
  • The more games you play with the deck, the more accurate your win rate will be. If you play 10 games and lose 6 of them, your win rate will 40%, but if you play 20 more games you might end up winning 16 and losing 4 more, boosting your win rate to 66%. Having an accurate win rate is important in determining whether you will need to switch decks or not.

There are a few reasons though that you should switch decks:

  • If your win rate is 50% or lower, you should switch decks because you aren’t winning enough. As I mentioned in my last point, you should play a lot of games before you decide to switch decks. I recommend sticking with a deck for at least 50 games so you know how well the deck is working out in regards to win rate.
  • If you really, really don’t like the deck. If you are playing a deck that you really are not enjoying playing, then it will just make ladder a miserable experience. It will make losses feel so much more painful because you weren’t playing for fun, only to win.

Do Not Tilt!

I can’t emphasize this one enough. “Tilting” is a term that comes from poker that refers to when a player gets so frustrated or confused, it begins to affect how they play and often results in poor performance. If you start to become frustrated because you just lost 10 games in a row or you are just so sick of playing against a certain deck, then take a break. Listen to some music, drink some tea, do some laps around your neighborhood; whatever will calm you down. Never queue up into a game when you are tilting, because you might just make things worse.

Some tips to prevent tilting

  • Listen to music or do another activity while you play. If you are 100% concentrated on the game, you will more likely tilt. I also suggest doing something else because then you don’t get the mindset that you “just wasted all that time”. If you are doing another activity, then your time isn’t being wasted. When I was grinding to Legend rank, I would do homework, job search, or play another game while I waited for my opponents to take their turns.
  • Squelch the opponent at the start of the game. Sometimes what tilts you is when the opponent makes a snarky emote at a certain time just to be a jerk. If you are prone to becoming frustrated by “BM”, then I suggest you squelch the opponent and just play the game.
  • Say “Hello” at the beginning of every game and “Well Played” at the end. By doing this, it is a reminder that this is just a friendly game and that you both gave it your best shot.

Record Your Games and Watch Pro Players

If you are really struggling to get wins even after you followed all of the above tips, then I recommend you record your games or watch how pro players play their decks. It is likely that you may not be playing the deck optimally, by recording and re-watching your matches, you will be able to see why things went wrong and you can possibly figure out what you did wrong and how you can prevent the same mistake again. I suggest using software such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to record your games. OBS is easy to use and it is free! You can also use that software to stream your games if you ever wanted to (just saying).

I also recommend that you watch pro players play some of the top meta decks. I would stick with watching pro players using current top meta decks because that is generally what you want to be playing. Pro players that are playing a custom deck generally very good at the game and can pilot non-meta decks very well and know what situation(s) to use certain cards, and this skill may not translate well into viewers that may only watch a few games at a time. When watching pro players, watch someone that is playing the meta deck that you are playing so that you can learn more about the deck you are using, rather than gaining knowledge on a deck that you might not even use.

Some pro players, such as Trump, also have some tips on how to play the game or to play certain decks. I recommend checking out Trump’s series Trump Teachings, especially if you are relatively new to the game.

Overall though, I recommend you record your own games and watching them over watching pro players because if you don’t figure out what you are doing wrong, you may not fix it.


Hopefully you find some of these tips useful if you are struggling. Remember that it will take time to hit Legend rank, so make sure that you keep track of your win rate and don’t tilt! The most important thing of all is that you are having fun. If you aren’t having fun, then there’s no reason to play!

If you guys have any questions of comments, feel free to mention them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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