Fireside Gatherings Getting New Game Features

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Ever attended a Fireside Gathering or been wanting to either attend one or even run one of your own? Well, here soon is a great time to start getting invested in them as the Hearthstone team has revealed new in game features to support Fireside Gatherings. Hearthstone designer Pat Nagle has made a short video of the features they plan on having a special beta for some innkeepers soon. The first feature is location detection. Using GPS on your mobile device Hearthstone will now see that you are attending a local Fireside Gathering and everyone else who is there. The next feature is the addition of Fireside Brawls, which are like tavern brawls, but will have some additional fun added to them to go increase the experience that you are playing against someone face to face. Finally, registered Innkeepers will be able to name their own Inn (Fireside Gathering) and

Blizzard talks possibilities for Hearthstone and Overwatch on Switch – Nintendo Wire

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Blizzard talks possibilities for Hearthstone and Overwatch on Switch
Nintendo Wire
Blizzard may be most well known in PC circles, but thanks to the likes of Diablo III and especially Overwatch they’ve no strangers to consoles. Beyond that, their free to play card game Hearthstone has seen great success on mobile platforms. With the

Dead No More! Mankrik’s Wife is Coming to a Hearthstone Near You

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It looks like the impossible has happened and the Professor managed to find Mankrik’s Wife. She was Stealthed all along!

On This Day Two Years Ago, Blizzard Released A Pirate Counter

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Journey to Un’Goro: Reveal Wrap Up

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With all of the cards finally being spoiled for us and just 5 days remaining until we get to play with our shiny new legendaries, it’s time to wrap up the spoiler season with a class overview. We’ll take a look at all of the new mechanics and specially the quests for the classes and what they have to bring to the table and how it can shake up the metagame. Let’s get started!

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Hearthstone: Journey to Un’Goro is launching on April 6

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Hearthstone’s dinosaurs are just a few stomps away.

Blizzard announced today that the next expansion for its digital card game behemoth, Journey to Un’Goro, is launching on April 6 for PC and mobile. The set will add 135 cards with a primeval theme, unleashing dinosaur-like creatures to Hearthstone. Read more

Blizzard Revokes Two Invites To Global Hearthstone Tournament for “Unsportsmanlike” Comments

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Blizzard has revoked the invites of two players, Thomas “Sintolol” Zimmer and Mats “P4wnyhof” Kathage, to the upcoming Global Games because of “recent, inappropriate, and unsportsmanlike comments,” after at least one player protested the inclusion of P4wnyhof by withdrawing from the tournament. Read more

Log in to ‘Hearthstone’ every day for the next week for free gold and packs

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Late last month, Blizzard announced the next expansion for its popular digital trading card game Hearthstone. Called Journey to Un’Goro, the first expansion of 2017 focuses on dinosaurs and elemental creatures, adding a few new mechanics to the game and 135 additional cards for players to collect by buying packs.

The upcoming release of Un’Goro also marks the end of the Year of the Kraken and the beginning of the Year of the Mammoth. Every Hearthstone Year gives the development team an opportunity to rotate out old cards from the game’s Standard format in an attempt to refresh the meta and force players to build new decks.

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