Un’goro Brews: Streamer’s/Pro Edition Part 1

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With Journey to Un’goro out and over a hundred cards to try out, streamers and pros are trying out all sorts of crazy decks and we have put together some of the top viable decks on ladder right now that people have used at high Legend ranks.

Handlock (Trump)

Control Warlock decks have been around in the previous metas for quite some time but with nerfs to Molten Giant and several cards moving out of Standard, decks like Demonlock and Handlock fell out of favor. With the new cards moving into the meta, people have been trying out modern versions of Handlock with Gadgetzan and Un’goro cards.

Humongous Razorleaf and Elise the Trailblazer are the only inclusions from the new set and they have been putting in some serious work.  Humongous Razorleaf is a very good taunt considering how cheap the card is and it also works very well with Faceless Shambler. If you are fairly recent to the game and missed out on all of the Handlock action, now is the time to try out the deck while the meta is in a state of flux and people are trying out greedy decks.

If you are looking for decks to climb with on ladder then here are some great decks by @GCTTirth (https://twitter.com/gcttirth). He climbed all the way up to Legend with his own version of Dragon Priest and also won an open HCT cup today with some new decks he brewed up. Dean Ayala of the Hearthstone team and Firebat commended him for his deckbuilding and they have been enjoying his Dragon Priest quite a lot. Despite some of the strongest dragons moving out, the deck is alive and kicking with some of the new cards being put into the deck. Tirth went 31-5 on his way to legend earlier today using the list below.

Dragon Priest (GCTTirth)

Lyra the Sunshard might be one of the coolest legendaries in the set with a lot of combo potential with cheap spells and Radiant Elemental. I was not too optimistic about the card up until I played around with Lyra and won games on the back of the card several times over. Pulling clutch removal spells or damage/healing can save games quite easily in sketchy situations.

Netherspite Historian is a very high chance to land Drakonid Operative thanks to the 400% Discover bonus on class cards. You want to apply pressure in the mid game as much as possible against quest decks and overall the deck is teched very well against pretty much all of the top decks right now with Taunt Warrior being one of the few problematic decks against this one if they finish off their quest too early.

Gluttonous Ooze is an optional card and you can run the good old Acidic Swamp Ooze if you want! Primordial Golakka Crawler is also doing quite well in the deck with Shaman, Rogue, Egg Druid and Warrior running pirates and it is a fairly decent tech choice to include. You can of course take them out for other cards if you are not facing too many Pirate decks.

Elemental Shaman (GCTTirth/Machamp)

While a lot of people are running slightly slower and mid range variants of Elemental Shaman, this fast paced build is just way ahead of other decks when it comes to out-pacing other aggressive decks and still maintaining the lategame pressure against slower decks. You have enough lategame fuel with high power cards like Kalimos and Servant of Kalimos. Due to the discover bonus on class cards you can land powerful cards like Kalimos, Al’akir and Fire Elemental quite consistently or even put out a giant Ozruk with the right setup. It also has several Jade Golem synergies built in with Aya Blackpaw leading the charge.

Discard Zoo (GCTTirth)

This version of Zoolock by GCTTirth does not run Lakkari Sacrifice because he specifically wanted to target Pirate decks that are popular in a tournament setting but you should definitely add in Lakkari Sacrifice if you want to have the upper hand against greedier decklists.

The deck has the classic Discard Zoo synergies along with some of the new inclusions like Lakkari Felhound and Clutchmother Zavas. The deck is very aggressive and it also has many tech options to deal with Pirate Warrior.

Pirate Warrior

Pirate Warrior didn’t lost anything aside from Finley to the Standard rotation and with people trying greedy decks to climb with right now, it’s the right time to play aggressive decks on ladder if you want to climb up quickly. Golakka Crawler is an interesting addition to the deck as it can eat up your own damaged pirates and buff itself up or eat up opponent minions. With several decks running pirates, Golakka Crawler can dish out some insane tempo swings early in the game quite easily without requiring you to spend additional resources, and even without its effect it’s a vanilla minion with 2/3 stats.

Hope you guys enjoy the decks and play them in the weekend. We hope you have some fun times ahead theorycrafting until the meta settles and we will be back soon with even more brews in the coming days.


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